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February 2020
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Dead Hyperlinks

All of this material you see on my blog archive has been moved from its original place. This means that whilst I have preserved the old blog, many of the links have been broken. In the course of time, these will be repaired. However, you will most likely be able to find articles that are linked by using the search function – since most of the broken links are internal links to Yorkshire Viking. So if you find, for example, that a link to the logo does not work, write “logo” in the search field. That may be a good temporary fix until the old links can be updated.

Climate Change

It Ain’t Half Hot!

Hot weather

The hottest on record here in the North of Norway!

Being something of a pedant, I had to grin a little when Jon Blamire reported Summer temperatures on his balcony. When I was a boy, meteorology was my hobby – indeed I got teased as “the professor” because of it. I am therefore very strict about my weather data, and if the thermometer is in the sunlight then that invalidates the result for my part.

Nevertheless, the weather really has become so hot. So hot, indeed, that I must now take my new KIA car to the garage as soon as possible. Today the unusually high temperatures seem to have triggered a fault. The motor began to “kick”, and once I had stopped the car to look at the owner’s manual I read that the air conditioning in extreme conditions can overheat the motor – with the exact symptoms I was experiencing. After allowing my vehicle to cool down, I experienced no further motor problems, but the air conditioning has now completely ceased to function!

That is a nuisance because it really “ain’t half hot”! Indeed whatever my colleague writes about this current heatwave, for once I must confirm the veracity of it. I have never known it so hot in Norway. The meteorologists tell us that May was the warmest on record. I concur.


A place just outside the city of Sortland. The temperature here was 28º!

While the fault on my car was forcing me to take a little driving break, I did have my camera with me. So I decided to put the time to good use snapping some pictures from the location I otherwise should have driven right past.

In most places, the temperature was a little under 30º, averaging between 27º and 28º – but as low as 26º on the coast. Yet there were “hot spots”, and when the temperature showed 30º (well, that only happened once), I just had to stop the car and photograph the reading!

All of these problems made me almost quite forget why I had driven to Sortland in the first place. A week ago, I had bought some fresh fish, and liked it so much that I had decided to buy some more. It is a type of fish that I had never eaten before called Arctic char. A member of the salmon family, it is really delicious.

First thing Monday morning I shall have to ring the garage for repairs to my car. I’m just glad it’s under guarantee!

Arctic City


Sortland, a small city in the North of Norway.

My apologies for not having posted in a while. I am in the process of moving. Hopefully that will be completed by the end of this month, but at the moment I am living among cardboard boxes and moving as many as I can to my new flat each day.

Once I am finished, and ready to move in to it, I shall then have to clean out the place I’m now living in – so all in all a lot of work. What is more it’s an expensive time. Last week I had to visit the small city of Sortland to buy some furniture and a fridge.

Sortland shops

Day shopping for what I need in my new flat.

Consequently, I was able to snap a few shots there. These were two of them. As you can see, we have a LOT of snow – and it’s only ten more weeks to the Solstice!

The Climate of Idolatry

Today I listened to the church service broadcast on national radio. It struck me that the doctrines of anthropological climate change are beginning to acquire the characteristics of religion.

Given that the service focused on our responsibility for the climate, it was evidently a given to the Church that we actually have such a responsibility. However, that nevertheless remains a theory. I object to the Church preaching it as though it were fact, and to the composition of prayers on this subject.

I for my part do not recognize anthropological climate change. I view it as a lie constructed for political reasons. Yet in this Church service, I am expected to say “Amen” to what I do not agree with. One cannot put one’s hand up in a church service, and say that one does not agree with what is being prayed for!

Moreover this new manmade religion is replacing what the Church is supposed to be. It is indeed a matter of religion and faith, because even now at the time of my writing it has been acknowledged that the basis for this belief (that humans are changing the climate) is fraudulent. That is now admitted! However, clergymen and environmental activists clearly have not registered that what they believe in is compromised. Thanks to the constant climate coverage in our media, if you keep saying it long enough people think it must be true!

Therefore there really is no point in pointing out that there is no consensus on the theory of anthropological climate change. There is no point in discussing the science. Neither is there anything to be gained by pointing out that, in fact, the earth has been cooling and there has been no warming at all since 1998 – a fact that even the normally climate change biased BBC has admitted. Given that there are political conferences coming up in Copenhagen, the inconvenient truth is being positively suppressed.

Facts do not matter because the Church now proclaims that anthropological climate change is true. That is the religious dogma; nobody is really interested in the truth. It will one day be seen that the Church hopped on a political bandwagon – and as people come to see that for the political scam it is, the Church will be seen as an accomplice to the higher taxation and costs that politicians really wanted all along.

Let us be clear, the whole question of anthropological climate change is already compromised; most people just have not registered this. Furthermore, the belief is arrogant and idolatrous.

One day church people will hopefully see how incredibly arrogant it is, that human beings should have the power to change the climate and even to “fix” it after breaking the natural system. These are things that only God Himself can do. If you do not believe in God, then at least see how insignificant we are in comparison to the power of the sun and nature!

The manmade religion of climate change has subtly replaced much of Divine Worship, and is as such idolatry. The ingenuity of this is that we are made to feel guilty. Yet this is the mask for the conceit that makes anthropological climate change such a popular belief. In order to feel guilty in the first place we must also have grandiose ideas about our own importance in creation.

I am compelled to confess that not only is the sky not falling, but that the we would be better doing according to the closing words of the Norwegian confession – grant that we may fear and love but You alone.

Anything else is idolatry. We do not go to church in order to join various causes, however just we may think these are. We go there to be in fellowship with Jesus Christ. When we begin to project our guilt on to things that are not real, like the absurd notion that we have or are about to ruin earth’s climate, we have less focus on the areas in our personal lives that we know come short of what God wants.

Jesus died for what is very, very real. That is the purpose of our fellowship: to meet Him, and remember His sacrifice made once and for all. Manmade climate change is a belief, and I submit not real at all.