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June 2020
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Dead Hyperlinks

All of this material you see on my blog archive has been moved from its original place. This means that whilst I have preserved the old blog, many of the links have been broken. In the course of time, these will be repaired. However, you will most likely be able to find articles that are linked by using the search function – since most of the broken links are internal links to Yorkshire Viking. So if you find, for example, that a link to the logo does not work, write “logo” in the search field. That may be a good temporary fix until the old links can be updated.


Why Does Hardly Anyone Know About SeaMonkey?


SeaMonkey is the successor to Netscape.

I’ve been using SeaMonkey for two years. I’m amazed there aren’t more of us.

Many don’t even know what SeaMonkey is. I’m referring to the browser. Today a lot swear to Chrome, or Safari, and there are even a few who stick with Internet Explorer. It’s not these people who surprise me; it’s those who have chosen Firefox, and specially those who use that with Thunderbird I can’t quite understand.

Seamonkey does the work of both! This browser has the same “engine” as both Firefox and Thunderbird. It has the same technology underpinning it. The only difference is that you get everything in one process on your machine! Like the older Netscape, SeaMonkey is a “suite”. Indeed you get an address book, webpage builder, and chat module as well – and it still goes a lot quicker than Firefox in my opinion!

There’s something odd about us human beings. We’ll use lots of money on software like Microsoft Office when alternatives like Open Office are just as good, and won’t cost a penny! That said, I have to admit that SeaMonkey could have been promoted a lot better than it has been. Many people have quite simply never heard of it.

Nevertheless I strongly want to encourage you to try SeaMonkey. If you’re coming from Firefox, there’s no need to feel uncomfortable with something you’re unfamiliar with: you can actually make SeaMonkey look exactly like your old browser by using a so-called “theme”. So try SeaMonkey now!

this post was a translation from today’s post in the sister blog, CQD.

Personal Whine and Winter Sun….

Winter sun

Midday in Lødingen. Look how high the sun is already!

Sorry no posts yesterday. It was a complete washout.

However, just for you photoholics…. here’s a little titbit for you! It was taken at 12 midday today.

Today did not go according to plan. At the time of this photograph I was struggling with my computer – being unable to use the net bank thanks to Mozilla having blocked java. It turned out – after several installations and uninstallations both of my java plugin and my browser – that there is nothing wrong with the blessed java I was and am using!

The problem has been previous versions of the java plug in that could cause a security risk. Unfortunately, Mozilla had blocked everything today, and I had to contact my bank’s support by telephone to find out how on earth I was going to get round this.

Thanks to Nordea Bank support for unusually helpful service today, and Mozilla…. not pleased! Two hours were wasted on this, and it really raised my stress too much. I can do without such things.


A New Browser!


A Whole New Internet Experience!

I am reposting this from earlier this year. I really do want to tell you how much I am loving the SeaMonkey!

Those of you that follow my Norwegian blog will already know that this week I swapped my browser. I have been loyal to Firefox since 2007, but that has been bettered in my opinion. The SeaMonkey browser has the same “genes” as Firefox, but it is much better.

In some respects it hearkens back to the “good old days” of Netscape. This is not just an Internet browser; it is an e-mail client (proper “pop”-mail, not just the webmail), address book, and webpage editor. What I really adore about it is being able to surf the net, and not having to open a separate program for e-mail. Compared to Firefox, it is also very swift, both in starting up and loading in web pages.

One small problem

If you happen to watch NRK TV, you might like to read this if you are thinking of trying this browser out. When you go to the webpage for TV on demand, you will be asked to install a plugin. There is a bug in SeaMonkey, I think, or else a plugin just has not been made just yet.You are informed that a plugin is required, but when the dialogue box opens for you to install this there is a 404 error. I.e the developers clearly need to work on this….Fortunately, I have found an easy workaround (see below).

However, if you have Firefox installed, you can simply go to its installation folder, and find a folder called “plugins”. In this you must copy the file np-mswmp.dll into the plugins folder in your SeaMonkey. There was none in mine, but when I created one, and placed this file inside it I found that I was able to watch NRK as I had in Firefox previously.

Despite this little “bug”, which I am going to ensure is passed on to the folks at SeaMonkey, I really do recommend installing this. It is much quicker than Firefox, and I personally think it is going to be the successor to that browser.


The Sneisa Peak

A Week of Computers and the Internet

This has also been a week of much work on the computer. I have been working on the Internet page of the church where I work, and this week that has finally gone online at

In addition I have changed the theme of my Norwegian blog, CQD. Once again I have gone out into the incomparably beautiful nature we have here in Lødingen and Vestbygd for my inspiration. The theme I had been using was based on a photograph taken at Vestbygd during the Polar Night. Today’s theme is based on a view of the mighty Sneisa Mountain Peak.

Now I have finally got round to updating “Play My Tune” as well. Having done so, I will wish everybody a nice weekend, and once again recommend they download SeaMonkey!