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June 2020
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Dead Hyperlinks

All of this material you see on my blog archive has been moved from its original place. This means that whilst I have preserved the old blog, many of the links have been broken. In the course of time, these will be repaired. However, you will most likely be able to find articles that are linked by using the search function – since most of the broken links are internal links to Yorkshire Viking. So if you find, for example, that a link to the logo does not work, write “logo” in the search field. That may be a good temporary fix until the old links can be updated.

Temporary Suspension of Logo

You are probably wondering where the logo has gone. The answer is that I have had to remove it – at least in the form you last saw it – because of copyright reasons.

These are really quite silly. The logo itself was entirely my own, being a hybridization of the former Adwick School logo with a Greek cross and the Viking raven. As such, as a derivative work, the logo was (and is) mine alone.

However the raven was made from a file on the Wiki Commons (a repository of images and media that are in the public domain) that has now been withdrawn. This is itself a derivative work, and as such copyrightable. It is a drawing of the historic emblem of the raven that you can find, amongst other things, on pictures of coins that are in the public domain. However, it seems that someone has disputed the copyright of a picture of this picture. Accordingly it has had to be withdrawn from the commons.

Naturally, since my logo also used this element, I can no longer continue using it now that it is no longer regarded as free. The only way round this nonsense (and it is nonsense for something that is now well over a thousand years old anyway) is to make my own drawing of the public domain picture. I intend to do a good job, so I shall not be doing it today.

For the meantime I have returned my Facebook gravatar to my previous logo. That is what I call “The Violet Cross”, and I began using it in my time at Huddersfield Polytechnic and continued to do so right until the launch of the raven symbol I have been forced to suspend today. For the observant among you, the favicon has changed to a hybrid between the former Adwick School logo – and the logo of its predecessor Percy Jackson Grammar (once again a temporary measure until the problems with the raven logo are resolved).

Once again this has nothing to do with any supposed “Nazi” connotations with it. Only today, just before I took the logo down, I was again attacked for using a swastika (how the letters “A” and “S” can be construed as a modified swastika completely defeats me)…

The older Violet Cross symbol consists of a purple, or violet Greek cross. This denotes Christianity, and is purple to denote repentance or preparation (as in Lent or Advent). Above and below the horizontal arms of the cross are two colour bars. The colour above is green, and the colour below is black. White is “inferred” from the space between – and of course the symbolism is, or rather was, that of the former Adwick School. My older logo went with a Latin text “Dominatur Excelsus In Regno Hominum”, meaning “the Highest has dominion in the kingdom of mankind”.

We really do live in a silly age!

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