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January 2020
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Dead Hyperlinks

All of this material you see on my blog archive has been moved from its original place. This means that whilst I have preserved the old blog, many of the links have been broken. In the course of time, these will be repaired. However, you will most likely be able to find articles that are linked by using the search function – since most of the broken links are internal links to Yorkshire Viking. So if you find, for example, that a link to the logo does not work, write “logo” in the search field. That may be a good temporary fix until the old links can be updated.

Towards The Polar Night

Today, with only a few breaks, it has done nothing but rain. The wind whipped the raindrops on to my windows, and drenched the fjord, mountains, and land outside from a very dreary grey sky. 

Today was the first day that there was less daylight here than further south. The equinox was yesterday. Now it gets darker.

Notwithstanding I love the North of Norway! Not one day is the same. Even if tomorrow is another day of rain; it will have its own character. Some people are bemused that I look forward to the darkest time of the year. Here is a clue: every day is special.

I remember when I last lived above the Polar Circle. That was when I was the organist of Lødingen between 1994 and 1998. In the Polar Night – which for those who have never experienced it is not completely dark – you could see the most fantastic colours in the sky in the middle of the day. Often a hue of some red, orange, pink, blue or purple reflected on everything on the ground. One day, however, I was on a school bus travelling out to Vestbygd, and it was a day pretty much like today. I looked at the waves crashing into the shore, as if they were in a frantic competition to get there before the wind driven rain. There was nothing boring about that wild day! Each day then is special, and never the same as the one before or after.

The Midnight Sun from May to the end of July is less interesting – in my opinion. Time seems to stop. It is just light all the time. So I am looking forward to my first Polar Night since 1997. If I am lucky, I might get to see the Northern lights too!

The North of Norway is fabulous!