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Because of Brexit’s realignment in how we all see ourselves – not least how I see myself in relationship to the community in which I was born and from which I came – Yorkshire Viking will no longer be continuing as you see it here (this is an archived version).

As I see it, I am now permanently estranged from the Adwick area in England where I grew up, since either I must change my belief system or else take the consequences of keeping it. As I see it, Brexit is a rejection of everything my grandparents’ generation fought for, and consequently I cannot continue a blog the main characteristic of which is the strict colour code of the former Adwick School uniform.  A breach in our unity has been created, and we must accept it for what it is. I am not changing anymore than the people of Doncaster are.

Regrettably this means that whereas I had thought to maintain some contact, and cultivate the memory of a former time, I shall now be drawing the line over my contact with a country I left three decades ago. People talk about respecting the opposite side. Yet respecting the other side is why this must be done. Brexit has created an unbridgeable gulf, and it is in the interests of all that we now go our separate ways.

Everything, however, that was found on the Yorkshire Archive blog before the change, will be archived here. The former “East Lobby” (one of the former two access pages to the blog) is now a dedicated archive for this purpose. You will still have to access the content via the new Yorkshire Viking blog. However, once you are redirected to this archive site, you will see the content in the original Adwick School format just as it used to appear on Yorkshire Viking.

My blog had readers throughout Europe, as well as in the UK, Canada and the United States. From 1st April 2019, however, georestrictions will come into place. I am making Yorkshire Viking unavailable from the United Kingdom. That will not affect archive material, but only newer content on the main Yorkshire Viking blog.

The Blog Archive is now up and running. You can find it from the menu line above, or by clicking here.